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A Kickstarter Klutz

OK! So, I'm new to all this stuff. I'm currently trying to set up a Kickstarter to fund printing of the comic, which is actually 80% done by the way!! But, I am really intimidated by setting this up. I feel so awkward and klutzy trying to set this up. Doing art comes easy. Rambling in a blog isn't too difficult. By, trying to write a campaign ... .... Um. Help? lol

I redesigned the comic cover, the costume which bugged me, has been replaced. The comic is looking amazing. I just have a few more pages to finish!

I've already started drawing thumbnails for the second issue, the cover art for issue two is also almost completed, a handful of the issue one pages need to be shaded, and I am working on reward art for the Kickstarter.

However, I will wait until the comic is actually finished, as well as some rewards, before I launch the Kickstarter campaign.

Wish me luck!


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