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Renaming EAE to EAC.

Yes, you read right. Emerald Angel Entertainment shall from this moment forever be known as Emerald Angel Comics.

Why the hell am I renaming it? Well, as I stated before, we tried to focus on too many varied projects to offically get anything done. It turned out to be seriously counter productive to focus on so much with such a limited number in staff, resources, and time. So, we're narrowing our scope to the focus of comics. Web Comics and Print Comics both.

Do not freak out and think this means the end of the Games, Cartoons or the Tutorials. Far from it. We will complete the games currently in the works and create new ones. I'm just not making those projects the number one priority anymore. Although I will bust my buns to finally finish up and bring out the games I have neglected for so long.

Luv, Chrissy!

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