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Sold Out!

The EAE: 2009 Sketchbook is sold out for now. So, if you didn’t get it (and we gave you a couple years to buy it!) Then, you’ve missed out on it. Since it’s our first publication and all we felt it best to limit the amount actually printed to only 50 books! That means if you didn’t get it … you probably won’t now. The book was removed because some new projects are under way and almost ready for publishing for next year. Depending on how busy I am with my new marriage. XD

The Macabre Art of Blaklyon has also been removed from our listings. So, for those of you who’re a fan of his work … you missed out. Don’t get your hopes up about any new projects from him here. We’re no longer working with him at all and we no longer endorse any of his projects/work. You’ll have to find him and follow him elsewhere to find out what he’s up to.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Luv, Chrissy.

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