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A Legendary Lettering Guide

So, I have to promote a book I ordered. It came with my personal comics haul today in the mail. It's called The Essential Guide To Comic Book Lettering! Let me tell you ... I have made comics before and they never looked good. Despite how good the art looked, something was always off about my web comics so much so in fact I would constantly delete them because I couldn't put my finger on what the problem was! It drove me nuts.

On my most recent comic, I showed a friend for feedback, and he is a professional letterer. He pointed out my sloppy lettering, which I thought looked normal until he pointed out how unprofessional and sloppy it truly was. So, he gave me a few lessons and suggested this book to me. NOW! The lettering on my comics look amazing!

I do have to state this, Comic Book Lettering is an art form! It's not just clicking and typing in the text. It's actually quite difficult! I say this because my attempts at lettering my own comic and learning just the small amount about it that I have learned so far, have given me a fresh perspective on it that most people don't even realize!

So, this book is definitely an essential for my continued learning. It's a must have if you ant to make your own comics.

It's written by Nate Piekos, the mastermind behind Which is a website you should 100% check out if you want to make your own comics. He offers free for use fonts for independent comic creators. So head on over and check it out!

Peace, Love, and Lettering!


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