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Chaos and Comic Completion!

Issue one of The Adventures of Chibi Chrissy is 100% completed. All that's left are the spaces in the book for backer rewards and the thank you page.... If I decide to do the Kickstarter. I do have a single ad page that has yet to be filled, so I'm looking to sell the space to help fund the comic. If I can't sell the space by time I get ready to set up the Kickstarter campaign, I'll just put some extra bonus content in there. (The book has to be an even number of pages, so it does have to be filled.) I'm also working on extra backer rewards, limited edition covers, prints, stickers and maybe a couple t-shirts!

Issue two is already in the works! I have completed the cover for the second issue and have already worked up the storyboards!

The goal is to have the Kickstarter up by May and the second issue completed by then as well.

Working hard,


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