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Chrissy's Quest

I've been working off and on for about a year or so on this game project. I was mostly brainstorming  and jotting down ideas on paper, most of which were lost or forgotten. Finally I got to working on the actual flash game without any real direction for the plot or anything like that. I've been tossing around the idea of what Chrissy's Quest actually is. Saving one of (or all of) her friends or being sent out to save some unfortunate race of beings under strife. You know, that kinda thing. The plot keeps reforming in my  head because the whole time I still really don't have a solid idea for  the games storyline ... (just a bunch of jumbled ideas) but do I ever have ideas for the levels. There are many levels in the game being  brought up and I'll probably to the dismay of most flash game fans use  music loops from Flashkit. Come on, the things are royalty free! You can kiss off if you really think I have the money to spend on paying anyone to score a soundtrack for a half confused plot flash game. I'm still pretty early in my career here.

Now, don't take this post as a advertisement for help. I'm perfectly capable of working out the plot myself and do not want any unsolicited plot suggestions or hopeful writers looking to have their name in the credits. Not that I won't share it where it's due, I just refuse to work with someone who doesn't know my characters and would end up writing a story that didn't fit or twisting my characters to be someone they're not. So, sorry. Save it for you fanfics of my work later. *kiss kiss*

I'll probably scratch down the plot for my work in the following weeks. I'm thinking animated cut scenes will be fun.

I've gotten most of the scripting and basic work done for this game. Chrissy has been created and is playable. Meaning the codes work. Along with that the levels scroll as you move her, she jumps, you can pick up power ups and gems, you can fall off the levels and die in some places, and there are a few bad things that hurt Chrissy already made. This is going to be fun. Of course it'll be more fun if I have the time to work on it.

Luv, Chrissy.

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