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The Game Anticipation ...

The second version of Dressup Chrissy is almost complete! YAY! As everyone should know by now, the old version sported the old art style of Chrissy when I first designed her, and now that she's been redesigned (and looks a whole lot better) I decided to make a Dressup Chrissy part 2. Check out the Screenshot!

I was able to figure out a bit of code that was difficult to work out, which now makes the game even more fun! You'll be able to change her hairstyle! The bangs of which will stay the same, because that's the main focus of her look, but I added a few changes to the back! I also made it so you can change her makeup, normally, like me ... she isn't even wearing any. LOL! ^_^

Of course, there is a special someone who's a fan of my work who always asks me about the progress of the Chibi Chrissy game. I reworked the sprites on this game as well and I'm currently working on bad guys and levels for the game, while trying to tweak out a small problem with the game code. Here's a screenshot of the Chibi Chrissy sprites! Just for you Al!

I will keep everyone updated with the progress of the games as I get closer to completing them!



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