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EAE: Dressup Chrissy

Today, I released Dressup Chrissy version 1.5 on both DeviantArt and SheezyArt. I had released it this time last year on Newgrounds, and decided to go ahead and release it on DeviantArt and SheezyArt today in anticipation of the Version 2 coming out in the next few weeks.

If you'd like to check out and review the revamped version of Dressup Chrissy, check it out!

Dressup Chrissy 1.5 on Newgrounds Dressup Chrissy 1.5 on DeviantArt Dressup Chrissy 1.5 on SheezyArt

Dressup Chrissy Version 2 will sport voice acting as well as features tweaked out during the development of Dressup Yoda and Dressup Chrissy 1.5!



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