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I'm no Damsel in Distress!

Someone brought it up, that they believe one of the artists I work with isn't giving me my due credit. This is based on a single post on the personal and private Facebook page of said artist.

Private profile posts are for friends and family. Not potential fans. It is very much that artists own personal bubble. It wouldn't matter if he tagged me on that post and is entirely up to his discretion if he does.

Regardless of that, it's also a gross misrepresentation of our actual partnership.

On the groups and pages both of us frequent, he not only gives me credit, but he praises my efforts so others know how much work I put into our collaborations. Not that it matters to me. I couldn't care either way. I don't do art for credit. Or fanfare. I do art for fun. Purely and solely for the joy of creation. I like to see others get credited, and I will even step up to bat for them. However, when it boils down to my name being in the spotlight, I am not so comfortable with it. Don't look at me. Just look at my art, please.

The shared gig, where we did a comic cover together, was offered solely to him. Dark Horse has their own in-house colorists they could have used to bring his work to life. Very talented individuals who would likely do a better job than I did. To top it off, Dark Horse would have saved money using their own people.

However, he insisted that I be his colorist. He brought me into a project that he didn't have to share with me. Dark Horse paid me for the work. He brought me in on that project. HIS project. Because of his kindness and loyalty to me, I got my first official credit in the comic book industry. Kevin Smith didn't ask me. Dark Horse didn't ask me. My friend, Chris McDonald, asked me. He vouched for me and went to bat for me.

His work does stand on its own and has for years before I got here. If we ever went our separate ways, his art would survive without my skills. But I don't plan on quitting any time soon.

I enjoy doing art for the art. For fun. I don't need an advocate to fight on my behalf. Thank you anyway. ^_^L

With Much Love, Respect and a bit of Sass,


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