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New Logo, New Name, New Developments!

Got the Emerald Angel Comics LTD logo updated! The logo was designed by Chrissy Wiseman of Emerald Angel Comics, with a special thank you to Andrew Thomas for adding the text and finishing touches. Your skills are fire! Thank you so much!

ont, Creator Credits, under the free for Indie licenses by Nate Piekos. It can be found at

We created two versions of the logo. One to dark backgrounds and one for light backgrounds. If you look closely there is the LTD added to the end of the name Emerald Angel Comics. That's right! We are now an official business! We filed a few weeks ago and were approved! The logo is going to be updated through the websites and social media over the next few weeks. With the new logo and new business entity we will finally push forward to comic publication.

Moving on up!


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