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Shock and Awe!

I was digging through my stuff looking for my Gameboy stuff, when I ran across something in a drawer. Some of my missing ribbons from the Campbell County Fair, and some of my even older artwork. I am so excited to have found this stuff. The dresser was carried contents and all to my new home, so I never actually looked through the one drawer filled with junk and papers. I'm so happy I scanned some of the art and the three ribbons I found. I think I'll submit to DeviantArt all of what I scanned. ^_^

My eye looks terrible right now (I have major infection in my tear duct). It feels even worse. I'm able to type without a problem. Perhaps too much sitting at a computer screen may cause more problems heehee. Oh well.

Both my children are asleep for the night, and since my eyes are tired anyway, I believe I'll join them.

Luv, Chrissy.

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