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Stash Shout Out! Pt. 2!

Whoo! They reveal the swag from the Stash Bash, as well as the Animal House Print that Chris McDonald and I created for the Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash 25th Anniversary. (Which is included in the swag bag) If you weren't able to attend, it looks like they'll be selling the swag bag with all the prints and swag you would have gotten if you did. Remember, our poster isn't signed by the cast. But the Captain Ribman print will be signed. Just so we're clear!

Thanks to Michael Zapcic and Julia Zapcic and the rest of the staff and crew at the Stash. It was an amazing weekend. Looking forward to many more! Even though I'm a nervous wreck, I promise I will still show up.

Flustered, Yet Flattered!


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