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Switched Things Out.

I decided it was time for a better update. This time I switched out some of the art in my digital coloring, photography, photomanipulation, and traditional galleries. I yanked down the how to draw tutorials since I've mocked up some better ones. The re-fliming for the video tutorials will begin soon.

I removed the flash intro from the main page because it was pulling too much on the bandwidth when people visit the site. I'll make a new one according to the feedback I get from everyone. It'll be posted up when I purchase a new hosting package with a larger bandwidth package.

I'm putting finishing touches on Dressup Chrissy 2 and Chrissy's Quest. Since I came up with so many new features for dressups I'm fixing the play problems with Dressup Yoda and Dressup Chrissy 1. I've also decided to redo The Emerald Angel's Flash Coloring Book to include new colors and new pictures. I'll be showing off my new flash games for my Capstone project at ITT Tech then I'll release them on the web. No specific date set yet. Yeah ... I'm gonna make you suffer. LOL!

On a side note ... I finally got the News Archives up!

Luv, Chrissy!

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