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The Web Comic Deconstruction

Wait, what? Yes. I'll admit this is quite a sudden and abrupt move. We did just upload the first few pages of some of our series at the beginning of this month!

Let me explain why I'm doing this though. I found a few small things I needed to fix with the comic viewer. Which, well sadly, I won't have the time to fix until around the end of April or early May. Uh Huh. Don't cry though. I'll let you in on a secret. The reason I'll be too busy to fix it before then.

We are packing up everything for a major construction. Everything is being packed away and put in storage. This is because we're about to start construction on our very own little in home Art Studio for Emerald Angel Comics. That's right, I said it. There is going to be a lot of moving things around. Updating the graphics to the website when we did was good timing. It will be toward the end of April before we begin doing anymore updating with the comics. Things are happening fast behind the scenes here at Emerald Angel Comics. You might not see vary many updates from where you are, but we are working our buns off to set things up for maximum efficiency.

Once the dust settles and I set up the studio equipment, I'll post some hot new photos so you can see what we're doing. We are even debating adding a Web Cam to the Studio! This way you'll know when we're actually working and when we're slacking off. Teehee!!

The kewl thing is I've gotten most of the goodies I'm going to need for the Studio. So, once everything is more organized here we'll put the web comics back up.

Luv, Chrissy!

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