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The first of many.

Today is the launch of the first page of The Inglorious Escapades of Porno Granny, my first launched web comic. The comic is based on my mom ... well loosely based on my mom. Not only is my mom the character basis, she is also the co-writer for the series. Today is her actual birthday, so we opened up with a birthday sequence for the series. Don't ask how old she is ...

Today also marks the launch of The Adventures of Chibi Chrissy. Which is pretty much going to be included in the Legends of Memorandum series. I made a cover for a Chibi-Chrissy comic, because I plan on eventually compiling all the Chibi Chrissy stuff into a single issue someday down the road.

Keep an eye out, more comics should be arriving weekly. Of course, if real life events prevent them from showing up on some days, rest assured, they will come. Even if in mass amounts all at once. Which is a notorious habit of ours.

Luv, Chrissy!

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