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The MySpace Elimination

I decided to make some major changes like WordPressing my site so that it will be much easier to maintain ... This means I won't have to build anything from scratch! Which took a lot of my time. ... Most of my time when not taking care of my kids and family. Yeah sure I can program a website in both HTML and Flash, but if I'm wasting my time building the website I won't have time for creating the content. Seriously!

Even better, I can update my social networks and website all in one run! This means I spend less time posting on each one and more time creating and uploading comics and art. Which is really going to help seeing how I don't want to waste the little bit of work time I can get when I'm not in Physical Therapy or out of commission because of my shoulder.

Since those changes I also decided to delete my MySpace page. Seriously, it's a dead social network that barely anyone uses anymore. It's not worth my time to update it and not many of the social networks or applications can connect with it. It's completely worthless to me so I ditched it.

I've also decided to leave SheezyArt. However, SheezyArt doesn't have an option to delete user accounts, so I'm doing the next best thing. I'm leaving a Profile ID, Icon, and Journal on the Sheezy Account to direct my watchers or anyone else who runs across the page to my DeviantArt Profile and my Web Comic site.

I'm sorry I'm leaving but this better helps keep SheezyArt clean in my opinion. If I'm no longer using their services my old art and journals were just wasting space on their servers. If their site gets overhauled or something to the point of being serious rivals with DeviantArt I might go back.

I've also decided to do away with the web forums for Emerald Angel Comics. There are not enough people using the ones we had. All of the forums wind up being spammed by bots and going unused by humans. It's not really something that adds to the site anyway. Once there are more people coming through and reading the comics as I post them, and a majority of you demand them, I may reconsider my position and add something to the site.

In the mean time I'm still having trouble drawing because of my shoulder. The Physical Therapy may actually be extended past July to give it a bit more time. But, it doesn't look too good. :-/

See you on the flip side!

Luv, Chrissy.

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