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A Cold, Cold Day

This past Saturday was my first debut in any art festival/show. I’ve of course entered my work in art shows and hung my art in businesses before, but this was the first time I was sitting at a table selling and showing my work. It wasn’t exactly what I expected. Not because of anything I did wrong…

First off, I spent quite a bit of money getting ready for the event. I paid for my space and included electricity to the space to run my laptop, a decision I don’t regret!

I got copies of some of my work printed to sell. I also bought a shelter tent because the event, The Irish Heritage Celebration, was an outdoor event. Local loved ones supplied me with a table and chairs to use.

The day of the event was not only bitter cold … it displayed a delightful mix of freezing rain and snow.

I arrived at my space at the designated set up time. I had to attempt to set up on my own, because my husband was at home with the kids and everyone else nearby lives about 25-30 minutes away, and I had to set up early in the morning. I got soaking wet just trying to put up that ungodly shelter that was obviously designed by a sadistic mind. One of the poles snapped where they connect and once it was set up the whole structure was a sneeze away from collapsing . Part way through construction, a kind teenage boy showed up to help me erect the p.o.s. He had already helped his mom set up their tent, which “pops up” with very little effort. I know what my next business purchase is gonna be …. So, after much fumbling with faulty hardware and crappy instructions … my shelter was up. It precariously leaned forward, so to prevent it from falling over at the slightest gust of wintry wind, I had to lash it to the building behind it.

Over an hour had passed and the few patrons brave enough to show up to this little slice of freezing hell disguised as a festival had already started to arrive. I had to rush to set up inside my shelter with numb fingers. Luckily I prepared for the cold by bringing a space heater as well as a blanket. The exact reason I don’t regret splurging extra for the electricity! I shivered in the cold wind despite the heater and blanket … but was just warm enough to stick it through the entire event.

I did actually make some sales at the event. Enough to cover the money spent on the space with a little profit. Sadly the profit didn’t cover the amount spent on my prints and tent. Luckily, I was able to return the tent and get my money back since I keep all receipts for tax purposes.

Overall it was a good learning experience if nothing else.

Here’s to hoping my next event goes better.

Luv, Chrissy.

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