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Artificial Is Not so Intelligent

So you think those AI Generators are fun, right now, right? Well, the phrase Starving Artist should be your next prompt because these AI Generators will push Starving Artist into an entirely new definition. Everyone says "Fair Use" for the art that was stolen from artists all over the world and fed into these AI Machines so they can copy/paste elements from them to make something "new" .... But that is not the only issue.

The looming issue is the greedy corporations. I hear a lot of people online saying artists won't lose their jobs over this. However that's not a correct assessment. It will be like workers replaced by machines in factories to cut costs for companies. They'll see the ease in which they can reduce their bottom line, and cut entire teams of artists go. Some may even do away with all creative positions altogether. Why have an artist on a payroll when you can just type a few prompts into an AI Generator and get some art for less than it costs for a tank of gas? This will be a reality. You will see.

Emerald Angel Comics LTD will never use AI Generators for our art and comics. We will never work with anyone who uses them. We will never hire anyone to create anything for us that uses them. Real Artists deserve the job. Not heartless algorithms.

I'm a REAL Artist,


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