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Fatman Beyond!?

So, I have been working behind the scenes with another artist named Chris McDonald. I commissioned him to do art prints of the six main characters that appear in The Adventures of Chibi Chrissy issue one to use as backer rewards for the comic book Kickstarter campaign I'm looking to run. However, he doesn't do digital art, so I suggested a collaboration. He drew the images and sent them to me where I digitally inked, colored, and added backgrounds to them. They turned out so amazing that he and I started teaming up on other projects that aren't related to my comics, but are too much fun to pass up. One of which was a fan art collaboration of the guys on Fatman Beyond.

Just like with the prints from before, Chris McDonald drew the characters, and I digitally inked, colored, and created the background. I sent the print file to him where he had them printed and got a friend to take them to the Fatman Beyond show at the Scum and Villainy Cantina.

here you can see the print we did is being held up by Kevin Smith! The piece is of Kevin, Marc, and J.C. Reifenberg aka BAMF. Apparently, this is the first FanArt hat BAMF has gotten. Glad to have broken his cherry!

Chris had only 10 of these printed and sent to the show for them to sign. They each got to keep a copy for themselves. One copy was even signed for me. I'm so excited!

It's on Kevin's YouTube Channel and the Fatman Beyond Facebook page. But, In case you wanna skip right to the part where they talk about the art we did, just hit play on the video!

Happy to Draw all day every day!


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