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Inktober 2020

I will be taking part in Inktober this year! Hopefully, I can get every day done this year. I failed last year because I made up my own prompt list as my own personal Art Therapy, based on my past trauma. Sadly, it backfired horribly and made me emotionally unable to continue. This year I will use the general prompt list and just try to have fun instead.

I was planning on taking a crack the 24 Hour Comic Challenge for 2020. However, it's no practically possible with my real life obligations. So, I will have to put that off and maybe do a heavily modified version of the challenge later in the year. Like, pulling two 12 hour comic days, not necessarily back to back either. That way I can get sleep and still do my household duties. Regardless, I will be doing Inktober.

This is the provided prompt list for this year.

Stay tuned!


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