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Projects are a Go!

Ok, in one of my last journals, I said I was pushing back a lot of my projects and going for something that will turn a profit. Which in the long run will help get even more projects done.

I’ve gotten some major work done in these past few days and I must say I’m proud of the little bit of progress I’ve made. I will of course do a lot more before the end. Let’s just say I killed a good 15% of my workload in the past few days. And, of course, I plan on staying up all night and killing some more!! YAY!

However, a small snag might delay the profits … It’s a financial one I won’t be able to overcome very quickly. I need a newer computer to run the software I need to get things finished. As it is right now, I’m stuck with an older version of the software, which does not have the functions I’ll need to actually finish the projects 100%. I’m getting them as close as I can with the older version as it is. So, it’s not a huge problem right now.

Until I get a new computer I might be stuck for awhile once I’ve gotten as far as I can. Oh well … I can always throw a few more projects in the works during that downtime.

Hopefully someone will help me get a new puter for Christmas if I ask nicely. Cross your fingers guys!

Luv, Chrissy.

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