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Web Comic Rework

I’ve finally rewritten the way the Web Comics are viewed on the site. However it unleashed a whole new host problems on the back end of the website and some of the front end layout. I really don’t know how I’m going to handle it at this point since any reworking may take more effort than I can spare right now. And, when I find the time I may have to take the whole site down for a few days.

This really is quite irritating because the web comic projects have been on hold until I could get the viewer fixed and in the move a lot of work was … *ahem* … misplaced for lack of a better term. To top it off the scanner did not survive the 600 mile move. So, any artwork sketched for the comics will need to be scanned somewhere else. And, I’m not sure where that somewhere else will be just yet.

In my frustration I have been doing a lot of digital work for the comics. Once I get the scanner and website issues smoothed out I should get things on the ball fairly quickly. It helps that the 600 mile move northward eliminated some of the major problems getting in the way of my artwork. Namely, the fact I’m 600 miles away from some people who had a habit of monopolizing my time to the point of insanity.

Yeah, compared to THAT this is just a minor bump in the road. :p

Luv, Chrissy.

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