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Wordpress Woes!

Alright, I'm pretty mad here. I was told to use WordPress by another artist. Because in his words it would be so much easier to update and upload my work without having to constantly get into the code end of things and work on them myself. Well, guess what? THAT'S BULLCRAP!

Now, I updated Wordpress and some of the plugins I had installed. And it broke everything on the website. Yes, Everything. Beyond repair it seems because the backups will not install! So my entire website is lost! Everything I worked so hard to create! All the pages and posts are gone. I'm so upset right now that words fail me!

Now I have to recreate every page from the ground up. I'm so tempted to throw Wordpress to the wind and go old school like I was doing before! So much time is going to have to be spent recreating the entire site I just wanna cry!

I'm sorry! I can't do this anymore! I had links to helpful software and tutorials and everything for others to use and now it's all gone. I hate Wordpress! *sob*


EDIT: It seems the pages are somehow partially intact on the backup file. They won't install but I can see all of the text if I open the backup file via the Notepad program on Windows. Maybe I can salvage this train wreck after all.

Romans 9:22 NIV What if God, choosing to show his wrath and make his power known, bore with great patience the objects of his wrath--prepared for destruction?

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