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A Little Remodeling.

Well, it's a new year and I'm currently playing around with some of the website layout. As you can probably tell I have dropped quite a few of the more unnecessary pages. The Emerald Tokyo Anime club as been officially dropped, so that page is gone. The Emerald Tokyo Anime club is gone. Dead. Never to return. I'm sorry. I've added the a new Web Comics page to the site. I'm currently working out how to update the comics in a gallery viewer you can flip through the pages with, kinda like the Art Galleries where we have the digital art and such.

Do expect to see some of the galleries phased out in the near future. New ones will take their place and most of the tutorials I'll be showing will revolve mostly around working on comics. I've decided to make the main focus of the website ... comics. It seemed to me that trying to do so many different things was counter productive. We (my staff and I) were not getting any work done because we couldn't decide on what exactly to focus on.

I've also decided to place banners at the top and bottom of the site. Now, these aren't a sign that the site will be over run with ads and pop ups. I don't even get paid for placing ads on the site ... Yet.

Luv, Chrissy!

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