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The Jade Adaptation

Yes! Lots of news to post here today! First off, the Emerald Angel Entertainment website is getting a NEW LOOK! A totally needed overhaul of the layout was called for. The old version was driving me insane, and I really hated it. The author of the old website layout refused to listen to my input for my own website. I wanted Emerald Green ... not Jade Green. Hello it's Emerald Angel Entertainment and The Emerald Tokyo Anime Club! This isn't Jade Angel or Jade Tokyo, Duh! So, I got someone with more experience on layouts to design my site, and he did a wonderful job! Give Darkgrammer a huge round of applause, he really deserves it. I'm in love with this new version of my website, it's so professional looking! It's also easy for me to update the news and everything!

As you may have noticed, Blaklyon Den Productions is no longer a part of Emerald Angel Entertainment. The head of BDP and I decided it would be best to go our separate ways in that aspect. It is disheartening news for our fans and I’m working out a few deals with BDP before we separate completely so that the fans of our work won’t bee too upset about the partnership being dissolved.

In lighter news, Dressup Chrissy 2 is finally back under production and I’m happy to announce that it should be ready within a few weeks! Wahoo! Soon, all shall hear my beautiful voice … as part of the game. Haha! Ok ok, I admit it, my voice does grate on a few nerves … but that’s part of the character so … take it or leave it! You’ll probably leave it … Heehee.

Luv, Chrissy.

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