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Hope (Digital)

I decided to go back in and digitally update some of my older art pieces. Here is Inktober day 10 from 2020, Hope.

Again, I kept the overall design, just smoothed it out. I fixed the background so the lines were jagged as I originally intended but wasn't able to fully execute with sharpie markers. Now they're like like shadows creeping in on her. Her hair hangs in her face over her right eye, like mine did in high school. She's holding onto her little candle, even though the wax is rolling down her fingers, burning her, refusing to let go of that tiny bit of light in her life. Truly, this was my mental and emotional state as a teenager. She is me, refusing to give up, even while the world around her seems dark and everything hurts. I want to tell my past self, "Good job, sweetie! You made it!"

Check out the Before and After.

Some of these pieces hold a lot of meaning for me, so I will probably redo a lot of them.

Still hanging onto hope,


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