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Website Layout

I'm back from Dragon*Con tonight, and it's 12:56 midnight. The website front page has been converted to the new style! YAY! Does anyone have any Feedback, comments, critique? If so, let me know what you think of the sites new look. And, don't tell me you don't like Emerald Green for one, because that's just tough. The name of the site has Emerald in it, and that's the theme. Get over it. I want serious feedback, not a bunch of babyish complaints, please. The rest of the website pages have yet to be converted to the new style. Darkgrammer is working hard on it to make sure it's perfect. He won't just slap it all together to try to get this done quickly. He's devoted to his work and he's doing a wonderful job.

I had a fun but tiresome weekend at Dragon*Con. It's hard work running back and forth between hotels to try to get to different panels and shows ... mainly if you're wearing high heeled boots! Heh, Cosplay and lots of legwork do not mix if you're wearing painful and/or hot costumes.

I dressed as a kinky dominatrix the first day at the Con, and even harassed some poor TV crew. I'll probably be on their little online TV Show for it, and I'll link everyone up when I find it. Whoo! A Dominatrix Chrissy having a bit of fun, should be quite entertaining! ... I hope I can find it. Hmm.

In some good news, I met up with some big named artists who gave me awesome advice and in depth critique on my work. They weren't mean at all, and they pointed out where I can improve and what my strong points were. I love them so much for giving me their time. They were, Joseph Michael Linsner; the creator of Dawn, and Eva Hopkins; the co-colorist for Dawn who co-created the character Dark Ivory. They were so nice to me and really enjoyed my work. I'm going to pick up the pace and work really hard on my work in the following months. They have inspired me!

I'm tired now and need my rest. I'll post more when I am fully rested!

Luv, Chrissy.

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